$79.99 Article Marketing Package

$129 Article Marketing package Article Marketing Promotion That Brings Results at a price every budget can afford!

Article marketing is one of the oldest and most popular forms of media advertising; starting in paper form as seen in local newspapers and in business newsletters to today’s modern online press release and SE optimized website sites and blogs.

One of the key reasons article promotion is so powerful is each well written article has a three fold effect:

The first effect is the article itself is useful and informative content that the potential customer will read and then follow the articles calls to action by either calling a phone number, clicking a link, or any other common means used in online marketing.

The second effect is the content within the article will be crawled, indexed and ranked by the search engines and this content will make its way to the SERPs to be viewed by potential customers who are using the Internet to search for your product or service.

The third and most power effect is each article contains a bio or “about” box at the end of the article with hyperlinked targeted text that points back to your website. This back link helps build the relevance and reputation of your site, and with every new incoming link your relevance and reputation are increased! in addition to the incoming links that are sent from the site where your article is published, your site can also receive back links from blog owners and site publishers who copy and publish your articles with your bio box. This is a common practice for site owners who are building traffic to their sites with article content published in article directories.

My $79.99 Article Marketing Package is designed to take your goods and services offerings and turn them into captivating keyword rich content that will promote your website with relevant and useful content that not only makes more sales, but also increases your website or blogs authority and reputation.

My package includes:

  1. 10 400-500 word articles – hand written..no spinning, rehashing and no copy/paste garbage.
  2. Each article is written with keyword rich content to promote and showcase your business using the top keywords for your marketing niche
  3. Each article is reviewed by you for final acceptance
  4. Your articles are then packed in a .zip file and emailed directly to you, or can be published on the site of your choice.

I am a professional writer with over 10 years experience in developing rich SE optimized content for blogs, websites and online marketers who want to excite and engage their potential customers with useful relevant content that drives them to take their calls to action.

I am an expert author at EzineArticle.com & Ideadmarketers.com with a professional reputation that demands the highest quality work, because not only am i promoting you and your business, I am putting my professional reputation on the line with my By-line on every article i publish. All of my content is guaranteed to be 100% original, unique and you can verify all of my work with CopyScape. I never use spin, re-hash, or copy/paste garbage!

Free Bonus!

As a free bonus, with each order of my $79.99 article marketing package i will include a free press release on PRLog.org. This free bonus includes writing and submission to one of the largest online press Release sites. Once i receive your order i will review your site and write your first article, after your review and approval i will develop the rest of your articles using the care and professionalism that would go into any of my own articles and prepare them for submission to the 5 listed article directories. With your order please include your sites URL, some basic information about your site, and 10-15 keywords you would like to promote. If you are unsure of the right keywords, then let me know and i will research the top keywords for your marketing niche for you free of charge!

Don’t waste money on a article marketing campaigns from writers who are not native English speakers. Don’t hire low-quality ghostwriters who may risk your reputation and waste your time. Instead, hire a professional and get it done right the first time!