Computer Security Tips to Combat Email Spam

By Rob Fleming

Dealing with email spam is clearly the most bothersome issue with the pleasure of surfing the internet, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these simple tips to combating email spammers!

Just about where ever you go on the internet you need an email address to signup for access to both free and paid services. Using an email address is also a common way for communication between many of the online services that millions of people use daily to make their lives easier. From online banking to social outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and other popular sites, your email address is both your identity and connection to these services and the internet in general and that is why spamming has become a very lucrative business as well as the number one blight upon the world wide web!

If you’re like millions of other people who consider the internet an integral part of your life then you know how irritating it can be to become a popular target for email spammers, and because email spam is the number one cause of financial loss of all online businesses, combating email spamming has also become a financial tool by software developers and online service providers worldwide!

Identifying the Source of Email Spam

The common method these email spammers are able to keep sending their email spam into your email clients inbox is the use of spamming botnets. Symantec Inc, makers of Norton anti-virus and many other online products released a report in 2009 that identified a single Russian-controlled Botnet network that was controlling roughly 120,000 individual computers that were responsible for sending out 1.7 trillion spam emails before it was dismantled. The primary cause of the rampant ability of botnets to function is poor, or some cases no computer security on personal Microsoft Windows-based computers worldwide, and because of this lack of security online service providers do not expect these cyber criminals to ever be stopped!

Protecting your computer is the first step in preventing botnet infection and email spam

It is a common practice to use a secondary or even multiple email accounts to protect your primary email address. There are a number of quality email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail to name a few. Each of the popular free email providers also includes a nice variety of additional free services to compliment their 100% free email address service.

It  doesn’t matter what how much time you spend online, if your personal computer is connected to the internet then you are at risk for infection of a computer virus or malware and your PC should have a quality anti-virus/malware scanning, detection, and removal software application. There is a wide variety of different anti-virus software applications on the market and many are also 100% free to use, so there isn’t any reason not to have your computer protected. This is the first step in not only protecting your computer but also helps to prevent spamming!

Here is a short list of free anti-virus software:

Many of these free anti-virus software applications also have Apple OS X and Linux versions.

Software tools to prevent, block and report spam email

There are a few very reputable email spamming tools and software applications to help combat the constant threat of spam. I personally use CloudMark Desktop One and a reporting tool from Spam Cop, which is 100% free service from Cisco to both prevent and report spammers. CloudMark’s DeskTop One is designed to scan, identify and block spam automatically and because CloudMark has a very positive reputation with business users, it has extended the same level of protection to personal users, and it is 100% free!

If you are serious about stopping the extensive flood of email spam, then I recommend you spend the time to join the Spam Cop Email Spam Reporting service. This valuable  email spam reporting system uses the latest technology in discovering the source of all the nasty spam you see in your inbox. Because Spam Cop is maintained by Cisco Systems, it is the number one authority in spam reporting and blacklisting, they require you follow a simple set up to register your email account and email service you are using. This identifies you as a safe and reliable reporting source for every spammer you report!

Securing your computer system will not only help protect you from a virus, malware infection, and email spammers, it will also help keep your computer running better by eliminating slowdowns and sluggish performance.