Selling Technology In Today’s Marketplace

With the economy how it is at the moment, the prospect of trying to sell anything to anyone is quite daunting. One of the most difficult industries to generate sales in is the technology industry.

One big reason for this is that quite often, consumers have already made up their mind as to what they want due to the availability of information. Todays prospects are far more sophisticated buyers than what they were just a few years ago and it is quite common for a prospect to know just as much about a product as the person selling it.

Sales pitches in which the seller reels off the functionalities of a product of which the buyer is already aware quite often shoves the sales process into reverse as potential buyers will most likely resent being force-fed information that anyone can look up with a few clicks of a mouse.

Another reason that technology is becoming more and more difficult to sell is that there are many skilled developers and programmers constantly making new solutions and more commonly, replicating other solutions and tweaking them to make them their own.

Because of this, solutions from different companies are looking more and more alike to potential buyers, and so the sales process moves further down a path of price based competition.

Is it possible though, to create enough value for customers so that they steer away from price? Of course, what customers are looking for is to get the most they possibly can for their money, and so could a salesperson create that kind of value for a customer in the sales process, and even make them willing to pay a premium?

One thing’s for sure, if you’re like most companies out there delivering a pitch, day in and day out, based entirely on products and features, you’re succeeding in only one thing: driving the customer back to price. So then, how does a technology company differentiate themselves today?

In order to compete based on something other than price, you must focus on how youre selling your products rather than what they are. PowerPoint seems to be a main selling tool in the technology industry, probably more so than any other, and all it is really capable of is describing. Are your animated slides and graphics really any better than anyone elses? In todays competitive marketplace, customer value doesnt lie in the selling of products, but it lies in the way in which they are sold and the way in which they are acquired by the customer.

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