Harness The Power of a Freelance Writer for Website Promotion

Hiring a freelance writer will provide more power than an SEO techThe Internet and website promotion techniques have been dramatically changed with the introduction of the blog. Using a blog to promote online business has leveraged the online marketing industry allowing anyone with a blog site to compete with large companies and those with large marketing budgets.

The old days of employing an SEO tech to pound out large qualities of optimized static webpages infused with keyword rich phrases is long gone… Enter the freelance writer!

Don’t get me wrong SEO optimization is still an important concern of any serious marketing and promotion campaign, but with the addition of SEO ready themes, blog plugins and scripts, almost all of the required SEO configuration is added to your blog site with the click of a button! There is still some in depth understanding and knowledge of the blog platform you wish to use as well as html and php coding, along with which plugins work well together etc, but this work can easily be contracted out.

So where does the power of a freelance writer come in?  With any blog site, once the basic frame work has been configured, all you need is a regular and steady stream of well written keyword rich articles. The power of blogging is driven by quality content and nothing less. Of course there is always a short time lag in getting a new blog site crawled and indexed by the major search engines, but if your blog has been correctly configured, then all you will need is content, and more content… Again Enter the Freelance Writer.

The real power of online business promotion via blogging is centered around high quality compelling articles. Google and the other major search engines take many factors into account when ranking a blog site, and the most important factor is fresh relevant content. Fresh meaning new unique articles, and relevant meaning content that is related to your business and informative to your potential blog visitors. Even the most diverse company that offers a wide variety of products and services will find it hard to come up with fresh content that will engage their blog visitors and compel them to take your calls to action over the space of 6 months or so. Think of it, if you sell party supplies, how many times can you publish an article saying that you have the largest selection with the lowest prices over and over again while keeping the content new and fresh?

The real power of the freelance writer takes that important message and wraps it around new unique content that will keep both your new and returning blog visitors engaged and interested. the bottom line is that with your fresh and steady stream of relevant content, your site will enjoy higher placement on the SERPs (search engine results pages), and this means more unique traffic!

Finding a qualified freelance writer is easy, there are many sites that brokers contract work, such as RentaCoder.com and Textbroker.com that can help you find the right freelance writer for your content project. Of course you can always Google "hire a freelance writer" and i am sure you will find the right freelance writer that will meet you budget and needs.

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I can drive traffic to your website or blog with my powerful SEO/SEM Article Promotion techniques. Find out how by sending me an email via my contact form.  -Rob Fleming is a Freelance writer for hire with over 10 years experience in Developing unique website content, Website Marketing, and SEO techniques. He has authored thousands of powerful articles on building site authority and driving traffic to websites.

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