Technology Sales In The Economic Downturn

With the sharpness of the downturn in the economy, trying to sell pretty much anything has become significantly more difficult. The technology industry is currently one of the most difficult industries in which to generate sales.

One of the main reasons for this is that information is so readily available through the Internet that the prospects of today are far more sophisticated buyers than those of a few years ago. Quite often, buyers will know just as much about a solution as the person selling it.

As a result of this, sales pitches in which a salesman lists the functions of a solution, of which the buyer will most likely already be aware, will not move the sales process forward, in fact, if anything it will move it backwards as buyers do not want to hear information that they already know.

Another reason that technology is becoming more and more difficult to sell is that there are many skilled developers and programmers constantly making new solutions and more commonly, replicating other solutions and tweaking them to make them their own.

The reason this is creating a problem is that as these technology developers create more and more software based on other versions, consumers are seeing the different solutions from different companies as more or less the same thing. Therefore their decision of which one to buy becomes based more or less solely on price.

What if you could create value for the customers to the extent that the deciding factor was no longer price? Customers are interested in getting the most for their money and so could it be possible for a seller to create that sort of value during the sales process, make potential customers steer away from price fixation and on the whole make them more willing to pay a higher price?

If you are like most companies out there and have people delivering sales pitches every day that are based on little more than the inherent functions and features of a product, then you will usually only succeed to do one thing, turn the customer back to price. So how can technology companies differentiate themselves from each other in this day and age?

In order to compete on another level than price, you should not put all the emphasis on what youre selling, but how youre selling it. The technology industry seems obsessed with PowerPoint, probably more so than any other industry. And all PowerPoint does is describe. Are your clever animations and graphics all that much better than everyone elses? In the competitive marketplace of today, value doesnt lie in the hard sales of products, but in the way in which theyre sold and acquired.

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