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The Year 2017: Trying to Find The Real Rob Fleming

If you are one of my most loyal and faithful followers then I must thank you for believing in me and my stories from the road, they are 100% real, they are not some slick (sick?) writers idea of capturing… Continue Reading →

Computer Security: Dealing With Spam

Computer Security Tips to Combat Email Spam By Rob Fleming Dealing with email spam is clearly the most bothersome issue with the pleasure of surfing the internet, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these simple tips to… Continue Reading →

Content Is King: Number 1 Rule in SEO

The number 1 rule high Google Ranking: Content is King! By Rob Fleming Just about everywhere you look for help in achieving higher rankings on Google and other SERP’s (search engines results pages) is filled with nothing but hype and… Continue Reading →

FBI Director Offers Bad Computer Security Advice

FBI Director James Comey’s bad Computer Security Advice! by Rob Fleming FBI Director James Comey advised consumers and the general public on Wednesday to cover their laptop’s and other digital devices with a camera using tape during a conference at… Continue Reading →

American Freedom The Sad Facts

The True Cost of American Freedom is it really worth it? By Rob Fleming Maybe I was fortunate to have been born a middle-class white kid from Southern California because I was sheltered from many of the ugliest events of… Continue Reading →

Ranking Tips With Google’s SSL Push

Ranking Tips for Achieving Popularity on Google by Rob Fleming Ever since Google introduced Page Rank in 1998, SEO developers along with website owners worldwide have been spending countless hours trying to outdo their online competitors. It didn’t take Google… Continue Reading →

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