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Twitter Sex is Today’s Digital Street Corner

By Rob Fleming Let’s face it, sex sells. For as long as there have been people walking the face of the earth, there has been men and women seeking sex and those even willing to pay for it, however, in… Continue Reading →

Common Sense Revisited

By Rob Fleming If it wasn’t for Thomas Paine’s love of America or the fact that long before his perfect ideal as a loyal British subject was shattered, Thomas Paine would have never written “Common Sense”, and on January 9th,… Continue Reading →

The Inconvenient Truth Of Homelessness

By Rob Fleming Not too long ago the idea of homelessness was synonymous with referring to a select minority of society such as wineos, vagrants, bums and other dregs of society. The Inconvenient Truth Of Homelessness to most people was… Continue Reading →

Street Life, A Red Bicycle & the Insanity of Guilt

By Rob Fleming This story is a brief glimpse into some of the reasons I found street life, drugs, and alcohol a viable remedy for the inner torment that innocently began as a¬†wonderful birthday gift from a father to his… Continue Reading →

Ignorant People Should Not Breed

By Rob Fleming I really don’t like to use my site as a soap box for subjects other than my life experiences while I was homeless, but I need to vent about the pure ignorance of some people who dare… Continue Reading →

The Heart Attack Diaries!

By Rob Fleming Heart attack?? Not me! The last thing I remember is I was in a truly beautiful and restful sleep or so I thought; I was admitted to the ICU ward at the McLaren hospital, in Petoskey because… Continue Reading →

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