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The Heart Attack Diaries!

Heart attack?? Not me! The last thing I remember is I was in a truly beautiful and restful sleep or so I thought; I was admitted to the ICU ward at the McLaren hospital, in Petoskey because I had some… Continue Reading →

You Meet the Nicest People in Shitty Motels

I don’t know how I got to this place I am now in, maybe it is just how it is supposed to be, does it really matter now that I am no longer homeless? While I think it really and… Continue Reading →

Broken Discourse

There are vital limits to every broken discourse, & not even the king can put Humpty back on his fucking wall, or on his skateboard… Because only cool kids ride on skateboards, unless they are also rich kids, then they… Continue Reading →

The Downward Spiral of Being Homeless

For being late May, it was pretty warm as I slowly walked back to the Denver homeless shelter, sadly this is where I lived. I was feeling less pitiful today, mostly because I had spent a considerable amount of time… Continue Reading →

23 Faces of a Creep

Where does the artistic idea begin? I have been asking that question for as long as I have been a writer. For most of my life, I have struggled with finding the perfect balance between reality and the artistic muse… Continue Reading →

The conclusion of Making Illness Payoff

This is the conclusion of making Illness Payoff, continued from part 3 which can be read here. I wasn’t in the emergency room for very long, as soon as I made my way through the metal detector and into the… Continue Reading →

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