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The Downward Spiral of Being Homeless

For being late May, it was pretty warm as I slowly walked back to the Denver homeless shelter, sadly this is where I lived. I was feeling less pitiful today, mostly because I had spent a considerable amount of time… Continue Reading →

23 Faces of a Creep

Where does the artistic idea begin? I have been asking that questions for as long as I have been a writer. For most of my life, I have struggled with finding the perfect balance between reality and the artistic muse… Continue Reading →

The conclusion of Making Illness Payoff

This is the conclusion of making Illness Payoff, continued from part 3 which can be read here. I wasn’t in the emergency room for very long, as soon as I made my way through the metal detector and into the… Continue Reading →

My Artistic Obsessions

I don’t think I would be able to function if I didn’t have an obsession of one kind or another, so currently I am feeding my artistic obsessions. I go through phases, from reading only one author until everything I… Continue Reading →

Forced to the pay the Price

Years ago I was a 100% fucking scumbag, I ran with an ugly crowd and I did some things that are just plain mean and evil; now I wasn’t a rapist or a pedo, but I smoked a lot of… Continue Reading →

Hangin’ On the Telephone with Joan

I met Joan around 1994 while I was living in Huntington Beach with Sid. I was busting my ass trying to promote my Body Piercing shop, and while doing some promo work with DJ Lightening from Kroq at Live Bait,… Continue Reading →

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